I have been in your shoes.

I remember a party we went to in the early days of our marriage. Someone asked us the typical question: What do you do? At the time I was working full time (in a "real" job) and my husband had just begun his orthodontic residency. He replied, “Sonia will never work in the practice. Isn’t it enough that we are married?” We laughed, but when it came down to it, we finally caved. There were too many needs In the business. I was qualified and available, therefore, the perfect fit. So began my 15 year career in our family business.  

Whether it was because someone was let go, a new project came up, or I was looking for a way to fill my time and see my husband, I was the one that said “yes.”  We are the wives and of course we say yes! We love our husbands and want them to succeed. We want the business to succeed. Somewhere along the way we started saying "yes." Somehow we forgot how to say no every once in a while. 

 I enjoyed it but it was not my joy.

After working full time for over 5 years and almost 10 years of “temporary” stints before that, I'd had enough. No one was winning anymore. My family was groaning under the strain of our inconsistent home life and lack of attention. The business was not growing as it could because I didn't have the expertise or time to devote to it. My husband and I talked about business all the time. We lost our work-life balance. Most importantly, I lost myself. I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

It was then that I created my process to step away from the business. Through this process, I completely changed the dynamics of my family and my marriage. I reclaimed my authentic self. I was ready to be an owner, not an employee. In 3 months, I fully exited the business and improved the lives of all of those around me. 

 You can do it too! 

You are absolutely capable of finding balance in your life too. I love working with people like you. I want to share my tools with as many people in our situation as possible! I want that for your marriage. I want that for your kids. I want that for you. I want you to have a life filled with joy, passion, purpose, and presence. Let's do this! 


XO, Sonia