Delegating: Reinvest Your Dividends and Reap the Rewards

Yep. You are the boss’ wife. You can’t change that. Well, you can, but I don’t think that is best the way to getting what you need… more freedom. 

For years I had been working in the office, taking on task after task after task. It doesn’t take a genius to see eventually I would have too many things to do and not enough time to do it. I needed to offload some work.  

To put it frankly, I was afraid to delegate. I didn’t want to take the extra time (which I didn’t have in the first place) to train someone. I didn’t have the confidence they would do it the way I wanted it done. I felt it was just easier to do it myself.  

Does this sound familiar? 

Then came the time that I had forced the situation. I had made the bold decision to work my way out of the office. I needed to delegate tasks to various team members to free my time to plan my exit strategy. IT DID NOT GO AS PLANNED. 

I found that I had been protecting my role and protecting the tasks within that role.  

The bad side: I had been doing it so long, that it had become a part of our office culture.  

The good side: When I began delegating, the team members were flattered that I would trust them with my tasks.  

They saw how much of a perfectionist I was and by giving up the reigns, I was putting on display their ability to complete the task before the whole team and all of our patients. Their self confidence soared. Their productivity increased. Their joy while at work was palpable.  

Without even knowing it, I had invested in the business and it was paying dividends before I had even stepped out the door! Why, our team was growing! When I began delegating, they looked for opportunities to delegate to new team members or to cross-train others on the team.  

This process has strengthened the fabric our business, as well as the relationships on our team. I had no idea that by taking the baby steps of delegating my way out of the office toward my own personal freedom, that I would free my family business to soar.  

Likely the most valuable outcome of delegating has been the additional time that was freed up for me to work on other parts of my planned exit strategy. You will create a reduced task list for yourself and therefore a reduced workload. It is like a baby step in the direction of carefully extricating yourself from the day to day tasks in the office. Delegating will eventually transition into training team members (new and veteran) on the larger tasks and roles. At that point you will be ready for the major transition to train for full roles. Delegation will build a momentum you can ride on your journey through to the end.