Delegating: Better for Everyone

I will fully admit it. I was a perfectionist. Delegating was one of the most painful things to learn, on my journey. However, it ended up being my strongest tool. Delegating allowed me the flexibility I needed to efficiently and gracefully step away from the business.  

For those of us who are perfectionists (you know who you are!), delegation is a dirty word. It comes with all kinds of connotations: laziness, incompetence, time consuming… 


Here is the secret to delegating no one ever told me: 

Delegating is empowering, highly productive, and freeing! 

Everyone has tasks they hate to do, whether it be at home or at the office. I used to think, “Who would want to do that?” about making graphics, running reports, cleaning toilets, you name it. This was all turned on it’s head after chance interactions. 

I hired a cleaning lady. I felt guilt at passing along my least favorite household chores to someone else. That was until I hired her. She told me at her interview, “I love closing the door on a home I just made sparkle and shine, knowing the family will come home to it and they will be happier for my having been here.” 

I got a massage. Keep in mind I never do stuff like that for me (more on how you and I need to change that in a later blog). All I could think about was how weird it was to so intimately touch someone else’s skin. The massage therapist told me how it brings her joy to know she is releasing pain, tension and stress from others. She said she was always amazed when she would get paid for doing something that brings her such joy. 

We hired a person to take on marketing at the office. It was the SAME THING! She loved all the things I felt were a complete and total drag. 

Then I realized there are people out there with the excitement to do that task that equaled my disdain for the task. This realization flipped my world upside down. It changed how I looked at delegating from then on out. I would train someone on the team to take on a task and they would thank me for the opportunity to do this task they considered fun. Everyone won! It was amazing. 

So next time you consider delegating the cheater’s way out, reconsider this. You might just be making someone’s day!

XO, Sonia