Fess Up and Feed Your Success

You have tried taking the big leap of stepping out of the practice time and time again. Maybe you have been seeking a little more balance between work life and home life. Like a new year’s resolution in February, you boomerang back to where you started.

What gives?!

This time is going to be different! But then, what makes this time different?

Whether you are trying to reduce your time in the business or completely step away, there is one thing you can do to help ensure your success:


Accountability will help to create traction, speed up your transition, and fuel the fire of your movement. This will be the case regardless of how big and bold or small and seemingly inconsequential your plan may be.

How does that work and what does that mean? Well, it means that you are putting yourself out there and starting. BUT... more importantly, you are sharing your progress, your dreams, your vision for your future with others.

Along the way, people will genuinely want to help you. What?!? That’s right!

You have friends, family and team members who care about and respect you. When you say there is something you want to do, they get behind you. You didn’t get to where you are by being a sap. You are a natural born leader.

Now it’s time to lead yourself! Create a movement and the movement is you!

Now that you have put it out there, those people you let in on your little “not so secret” will be rooting for you. They will want to know where you are in the process, what steps have you taken, and how can they help.

Let me say that last one again: How can they help.

Yes, people will want to help you. While you are busy saying “No” in the office, say “Yes!” to the help your supporting team is offering. Allow them to help to fuel your success.

Now if all of that is not enough for you, here’s the science behind it all. The general consensus is that accountability in any form will improve your chance of success. Here are some stats to prove it!:

Your chance of success will increase when...

You have an idea or a goal, by 10%

You consciously decide you will do it, by 25%

You decide when you will do it, by 40%

You plan how you will do it, by 50%

You commit to someone that you will do it, by 65%

You have a specific accountability partner with scheduled meetings, by 95%

Reach out and find someone to hold you accountable.

~your spouse, a friend, a coach~

Reach out and find something to hold you accountable.

~an app, a support group, a facebook page~

If you commit to it, plan it, and share it, it will transition from a vision to your new reality with additional grace and ease. Get an accountability partner and help ensure your new future!

I would love to hear how accountability partners have impacted your past success. Please share your experiences in the comments below!

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