You are not alone.

Missing out on your family, your marriage, and yourself because you have been spending too much of your time, heart, and energy on the practice? You and your husband own a small business that needs to have smart, capable, and team-oriented people. Of course, you were the perfect fit! Here you are years later, working full time, overqualified, missing out of your kids, and slowly draining yourself of who you really are. You feel it’s time to scale back , to find a better balance, or step away completely. You have tried in the past, only to be drawn back in. 

Working with me, you can find the balance you need. Along the way, I will provide you with the tools and coaching you need to exit the practice. 

  • I can help you to regain balance In your life.

  • I can help you decide when and how to balance your current roles in your family and your business.

  • This process will improve your relationships with your office team, your husband, your children and yourself.

  • You will see the upsides to better balance and how it will benefit you in multiple areas of your life.

  • Your free time will be multiplied so you will be available to do what you have been missing.

What To Expect From Your Free Session

  • 20 minutes of laser coaching on a topic of your choice that’s related to your role in the practice

  • A personal mini-plan that you can begin to make the changes necessary to find better balance

  • A renewed sense of direction to implement lasting change in your life

  • Information on how you can get more support if you feel you need it ~ no pressure to buy anything

  • Most of all, a safe and comfortable conversation with someone who has been in your shoes

As part of the personal mini-plan, I’ll give you some tips specific to your situation so you can make change happen right away. I will also let you know about some additional tools I have that will help you with the process of transitioning out of the practice. 

Believe me, I understand your calendar is already filled with family and business obligations. By meeting with me for only 20 minutes, you will be able to take better control of your time and get back that 20 minutes and more. 

All conversations I have  with you are completely confidential. I will not pass along any of your information or speak to anyone but you in this process unless you request otherwise. I believe that in order to be fully authentic, we all need to feel we are operating in an atmosphere of support and trust. 

Go ahead and click on the link above and schedule our talk. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The tips you get in those 20 minutes alone are worth your time. What is more valuable than your time these days? Let me help you take those first steps to help you Practice Balance.