I can help you regain your life balance!

From a your free mini-session to Personal Coaching, I will help you see the path before you and know when and how to take those first steps. Almost immediately, you will begin to see the patterns in how you fit into the business and how that balances with the rest of your life. By identifying those patterns, you will be able to make choices that will continue to give you more freedom in your time while adding value to the practice. Ultimately, this will lead to less and less time spent at the office and more freedom from the business. 

Practice Balance Personal Coaching

The Practice Balance Personal Coaching program is my premier coaching program. While enrolled in this program, you will be guided through the evaluation of your current situation and the process of envisioning exactly what you are looking for. I will then help you to create a personalized plan and provide tools, tips, and accountability, as you implement each step of the plan. I will be there along the way to assist you and ensure your success in finding your new balance. This program includes:

  • 6 1-hour 1:1 personal coaching sessions via video meeting

  • Complete assistance with setting up and implementing your plan. Whether you want to find balance or completely leave the practice, I will help you ensure you are taking the right actions in the right order.

  • 12 weekly personalized check-in emails

  • 2 emergency contacts outside of your 6 coaching calls (call me when you are really in a pinch!)

  • Full access to my catalog of guidesheets, templates, and tools that will ease you through this process

  • Enrollment in the Practice Balance accountability program, the very method I used to work my own way out of my husband’s orthodontic practice

  • Support through a private Facebook community of other women who are in or who have been in your shoes

  • Access to my network of consulting professionals for additional assistance

Free Mini-Session

This is the perfect place to start. Schedule a free 20 mini-session with me! Let's talk about your roles in the practice and your current work-life balance. We will take a look at where you are now in both your work life and your home life. You will come away with practical tips that you can implement immediately. This will give you the breathing room you need to begin planning your transition. Those steps, among others,  will put you on the path to the transition from day-to-day operations in the business, to the life you are seeking. 

  • 20 minutes of laser coaching on a topic of your choice that’s related to your role in the practice

  • A personal mini-plan that you can begin to make the changes necessary to find better balance

  • A renewed sense of direction to implement lasting change in your life

  • Information on how you can get more support if you feel you need it ~ no pressure to buy anything

  • Most of all, a safe and comfortable conversation with some who has been in your shoes

As part of the personal mini-plan, I’ll give you some tips specific to your situation so you can make change happen right away. I will also let you know about some additional tools I have that will help you with the process of transitioning out of the practice. 

Believe me, I understand your calendar is already filled with family and business obligations. By meeting with me for only 20 minutes, you will be able to take better control of your time and get back that 20 minutes and more. 

All conversations I have  with you are completely confidential. I will not pass along any of your information or speak to anyone but you in this process unless you request otherwise. I believe that in order to fully authentic, we all need to feel we are operating in an atmosphere of support and trust. 

Go ahead and click on the link above for the free mini-session and schedule our talk. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The tips you get in those 20 minutes alone are worth your time. What is more valuable than your time these days? Let me help you take those first steps to help you Practice Balance.