At this time I don't have any workshops, webinars, or live events coming up. Click on the link below to be in the know about what is coming up and how to get the information or register for each event. 


Facebook live

Facebook is a great way for you to reach out to me. With my Facebook Live events, you can interact with me directly. I adjust the presentation on each topic as you send in questions, comments, and feedback. This allows me to give you immediate feedback on what YOU want to know.  What a great way to connect! Click the link above to subscribe to my emails and be to the first to know about upcoming events.



A couple of times a year I host webinars. They all will require registration, but no worries! They are free! These are a more structured format where you will find out about a specific topic and be able to ask questions during a Q&A period. Often I offer laser coaching during these events as an example of how to use the information provided. Subscribe to my emails with the link above to find out about upcoming webinars.


professional lectures

Periodically, I present to professional organizations and various groups, large and small. I include information about these events in my emails. Some may even be at events you are already registered for, such as users' group meetings, and national conferences. Click the link above to subscribe to my emails and find out about these events as soon as they are scheduled. If you are interested in a presentation to your group, please reach out to me through any of the avenues listed on the contact page of this website.